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Eve and Islam

Eve is a non practicing Muslim, but said the following in an interview:

Islam is a beautiful religion. But right now, with my career and my life, I can’t live the Sunni Muslim way. I refuse to be a hypocrite and cover my head on Friday, go pray, and then the rest of the week I’m out cursing and drinking–and performing. So right now I’m just comfortable with God.

Fast Facts

Name: Eve Jihan Jeffers
Born: November 10, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Eve is an actress and rapper who has sold millions of albums during her musical career. Eve's first three albums have so far already reached over 3.6 Million copies sold in the U.S. alone. She has been awarded 1 Grammy Award over the years. In 2003 Eve became the star of her own TV show, Eve, which lasted for 3 seasons.

Eve is no longer romantically involved with Teodorín Nguema Obiang, son and heir of a Equatorial Guinean dictator. In 2003, a nude photo of what appeared to be Eve with another woman leaked on the Internet. At the time, Eve said of the photo: "I used to strip, so it could be me or it could not be me." She also said, the person who released the photo had tried to blackmail her. In 2005, a clip of a sex tape she created in 1999 was leaked on the Internet. She took legal action to have sites remove the clip, however the clip still exists on some sites.


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