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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Fast Facts

  • Born: 29 August 1958
  • Birthplace: Gary, Indiana
  • Best Known As: The King of Pop, Most Album Sales with Thriller, and accused child molestor
  • Convert: Yes (First Nation of Islam, then Sunni)

  • Died: 25/06/2009

Jackson and Islam

Michael Jackson officially converted to the Nation of Islam in December 2003. Saeed Shabazz, a reporter for the Nation of Islam's publication, The Final Call, announced that Mr. Jackson had joined the organization.

In 2005, he had officially announced that he has been following the five tenets of Islam and intends to convert to Islam, according to a report on the website of Arab-Israeli newspaper Panorama. The former Jehovah's Witness has been living in the Middle Eastern nation since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in his native America in June 2005. He had moved to his own artificial island in Bahrain and had left Neverland for good. Later he pledged to erect a mosque in his adopted home. It is supposed to be a 30-meter (98-foot) building just outside Manama on land adjoining the palace of the Bahraini royal family. He was also recently criticized for appearing in a Muslim abaya robe, which is traditionally worn by females. The star's spokeswoman Raymone Bain says, "Michael is looking to give something back to the country that has welcomed him so openly." Discover Islam spokesman Aman Khailb adds, "Thousands of people are embracing Islam, Michael is just one of them."


Michael Jackson has been a singing superstar since he was 11 years old, when he had four consecutive #1 hits with his youthful band of brothers, The Jackson Five. He had several more hit singles performing on his own throughout most of the 1970s, and after 1982's Thriller, an album that yielded seven top ten hits, Jackson was dubbed "The King of Pop." His next album, Bad, topped the charts in 1987 as Jackson became one of the early stars of MTV and an international hitmaker. Then his eccentric lifestyle began to overwhelm his recording career, and Jackson became a favorite of the gossip sheets. In 1994 he married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis (a.k.a. "The King"), but they divorced in 1996. Also notorious were Jackson's long series of cosmetic surgeries, rumors of exotic pets and superstar peccadilloes at Jackson's estate (which he dubbed "Neverland", a reference to the story of Peter Pan), followed by another brief marriage and multiple accusations of inappropriate conduct with children. In 2005 he was tried on charges of child molestation and conspiracy related to his relationship with a 13-year-old boy. On 13 June 2005 Jackson was acquitted on all charges.

There Was Anothe News in Late 2008 That He Has Become Muslims again But I Think He Was Already a Muslim So if he Converted Just now Than Not To Worry But To Pray to GOD that He Really Converted To Islam....

He Died For So Called Unknown Reasons... May Allah Give Peace To Him....

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There seems to be some people who do not believe that Jackson is Muslim. One must note that this article quotes reputable sources like CBS,, Jacksons Spokeswoman, Discover Islam's Spokesman, and a publisicer of Nation of Islam. This is NOT a RUMOR. HE HAS DECLARED HE IS MUSLIM.

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